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Landcape Gardeners Dulwich did my hedge pruning and did a good job. I will be using them again for sure.

  • Vic Sessions

This lawn care company has saved me quite a few quid. I was using another service but Garden Designers Dulwich had much lower rates and do an even better job. I only wish I had switched a long time ago.

  • Randy F.

I wanted to get my garden ready for summer, so I called upon their garden design team to make my outdoor space look amazing. They achieved just that. Garden Designers Dulwich totally transformed my garden. I haven't been able to stop looking out at it, stop enjoying it.

  • S. Mille

I am always impressed by how the gardeners at Garden Designers Dulwich can do such an amazing job with mowing my lawn or planting flowers, yet do it so quickly. They really are super-human, and just a great team all round.

  • Holly Newman

With a new baby at home (we just adopted our first !!!!!) we don't really want to spend all our time worrying about the garden, so we hired Garden Maintenance Dulwich to do the garden care for us. It doesn't cost us very much but it frees up time so we can spend these precious moments with our little girl! We can't get this time back, so we don't want to waste it. They do a great job anyways!!!

  • Kierra J.

What a great find! I'm so glad I came across Garden Maintenance Dulwich and hired their garden maintenance team. Everything went to plan and their gardeners really went above and beyond the call of duty - nothing was too much trouble for their team who I feel actually revelled in working in my garden. It's a workforce of the highest calibre.

  • Ruby N.

I had desperately needed some tree surgery help in my garden. One of my trees had become very overgrown and was encroaching into my neighbour's garden. I called up Gardening Service Dulwich to see if they could help on short notice and they were happy to. I soon had a team in my garden that cut the branches and leaves so that the tree was wholly in my garden. They made things look easy and had the job completed without delay. I am very satisfied with this service and will definitely use it again.

  • Robin Clark

What a breath of fresh air the gardening service of Garden Maintenance Dulwich is! Not only is it affordably priced but it's also carried out to such a high standard that no one can believe what price I've paid! Absolutely delighted with my garden now and no longer embarrassed by it!

  • Mrs Burrell

My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to the dedicated and diligent team at Garden Maintenance Dulwich for your excellent landscaping service. We've always dreamt of a beautiful garden with pretty features and a better patio and thanks to you, our dream is now a reality. We can't thank you enough for all your help.

  • Roy Bates

I would like to applaud Gardening Service Dulwich for the fine work they have done for me. I have been hiring them to see to my hedge cutting for several months now and I felt they needed to be commended. Their team are great people who are very skilled in the job. They have been able to trim my hedges fully and without any problem. The mess is always cleaned up and they take next to no time in getting the job done. It's amazing what they can do so I recommend that anyone looking for expert hedge pruning services gives them a call.

  • Morris F.

Lovely team, excellent prices and amazing services! It has been so exciting dealing with Garden Maintenance Dulwich. They have done an amazing job of dealing with my garden spraying! I would highly recommend this company and would certainly use them again!

  • Margie Welch

My husband surprised me with a landscaping service when I was away visiting my mother. Our garden was a mess and needed a new look. I had been hinting at having the garden landscaped and he had obviously listened and arranged the surprise while I was away. I can't tell you what a lovely job Landcape Gardeners Dulwich did in creating an easy-to-maintain garden that looked good with a minimum amount of work. It looks so nice and I am so happy with the work, thanks!

  • Monica S.

Thanks to GardenersDulwich for the amazing cleaning and disposal work they did in my garden. Everything looks great and very neat and trim and it's all thanks to their team. They displayed a great amount of determination and showed their skills in trying to get everything finished in one session, and I'm glad to say that they were successful. A truly great all-round job!

  • Oliver Ronson

Gardeners Dulwich are the best patio cleaning team in the area. I have hired several firms to clean up my patio and they did the best job. An excellent service.

  • Harry West

We recently employed GardenersDulwich for hedge trimming and pruning. We were so delighted with the end result that we asked them to undertake the task of patio cleaning as well. What is so different about these gardeners is that they take into consideration all your requirements and suggestions prior to initiating the task. They were also quick to share suggestions throughout the process. Splendid work, thank you team!

  • Alistair G.

I couldn't have asked for a better service. Garden Designers Dulwich are definitely professionals and experts at what they do. I could tell that they spent a great deal of time and effort clearing away and maintaining my garden, without taking any shortcuts. I most certainly got my money's worth and I now have a beautiful garden which I can use to enjoy some me time. Thanks again!

  • Rosie S.

I work part time and have three pre-school children and so gardening is something I just don't get a chance to do. Now the children are toddling around more, I wanted to get my garden ship-shape for them to enjoy safely. GardenersDulwich first of all came and carried out their garden waste removal and then returned again for my garden landscaping. They even created a sand pit at the bottom of the garden for the kids to relax and enjoy. They really gave me so much value for money I happily recommend them.

  • Geraldine

When Julia and I moved to London from The United States, our biggest concern was maintaining the garden that came with the house. We had never even taken care of a potted plant before and now we had a lawn to look after. Our very kind neighbours insisted that we approached Landcape Gardeners Dulwich. The very next day, the professional gardeners arrived with lots of suggestions and assurances that lawn maintenance was not as difficult as it seemed. Since the lawn had been neglected for too long by the previous house owners, it needed a lot of work. The team put a soul in the lawn and it is our pride now. We have been lucky to hire the most diligent gardening professionals. Our neighbourhood loves them and so do we.

  • Aaron S.

Gardening Service Dulwich has undertaken garden maintenance for a number of my friends and also for me. We have referred their services to friends and neighbours because of their creative garden designs, expertise and the quality tools they use. Not only are their designs imaginative but also quite practical. Some of the previous gardeners who have worked for me would fail to come on the assigned day and would not tidy up after they were done with gardening. But this company's team has always been punctual and reliable. I am impressed with their fine attention to detail.

  • Brenda R

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